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True Drinks Holdings, Inc. (OTC:TRUU) has changed its name and ticker symbol to Charlie’s Holdings, Inc. (OTC: CHUC).

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Recent Press Releases

Charlie's Holdings Issues Letter to Shareholders in Response to Recent Industry News

Charlie’s Holdings, Inc. (the “Company” or “Charlie’s”) (OTC PINK: CHUC), an industry leader in the premium, nicotine-only, e-cigarette and hemp-derived, CBD wellness products space, announced today the release of a Letter to Shareholders from its CEO, Brandon Stump…

Charlie's Holdings Reports Third Quarter 2019 Results

Newly Introduced CBD Wellness Products Generated $920,000 Revenue and Gross Margins of 54.8%

COSTA MESA, CA / ACCESSWIRE / November 15, 2019 / Charlie’s Holdings, Inc. (OTC Pink:CHUC) (“Charlie’s”, “we”, “us”, “our” or the “Company”), an industry leader in premium, nicotine-only, e-cigarette and hemp-derived CBD wellness products, announced today the Company’s financial results for the third quarter ended September 30, 2019.

True Drinks Holdings, Inc. Announces Name Change to Charlie's Holdings, Inc.

COSTA MESA, California , July 2, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — True Drinks Holdings, Inc. (the “Company” or “True Drinks”) (TRUU) has announced today that the Company’s name has been changed to Charlie’s Holdings, Inc (“Charlie’s”). 

SEC Filings

Filing DateFiling TypeFiling Link
August 14, 2019
10-QQuarterly Report
August 1, 2019
SC 13DGeneral Statement of Acquisition of Beneficial Ownership
August 1, 2019SC 13DGeneral Statement of Acquisition of Beneficial Ownership
July 24, 2019
Form 3Statement of Beneficial Ownership
July 22, 2019
8-KCurrent Report
July 11, 2019
8-K/ACurrent Report
July 11, 2019S-1Registration Statement
July 2, 2019
8-KCurrent Report
June 11, 20198-KCurrent Report
May 28, 2019DEF 14COther definitive information statements
May 28, 2019SC 14F1Statement regarding change in majority of directors
May 22, 20198-KCurrent Report
May 16, 2019Pre 14COther preliminary information statements
May 15, 201910QQuarterly Report
May 14, 20198-KCurrent Report
May 10, 2019DNotice of Exempt Offering of Securities
May 10, 2019SC 13GStatement of Acquisition of Beneficial Ownership by Individuals
May 1, 20198-K/AAmmend Current Report
April 30, 20198-KCurrent Report
April 1, 201910-KAnnual Report
February 1, 20198-KCurrent Report
January 22, 20198-KCurrent Report
November 20, 201810-QQuarterly Report
October 9, 2018DEF 14COther definitive information statements
September 24, 2018Pre 14COther preliminary information statements
September 24, 201810-QQuarterly Report
August 30, 201810-QQuarterly Report
May 21, 20188-KCurrent Report
April 27, 20188-KCurrent Report
April 11, 20188-KCurrent Report
March 12, 20188-KCurrent Report
November 14, 201710-QQuarterly Report
November 6, 20178-KCurrent Report
September 27, 20178-KCurrent Report
August 9, 201710-QQuarterly Report
August 9, 20178-KCurrent Report
August 1, 20178-KCurrent Report
May 16, 20178-KCurrent Report
May 15, 201710-QQuarterly Report
May 10, 20178-KCurrent Report
April 18, 20178-KCurrent Report
April 3, 20178-KCurrent Report
March 31, 201710-KAnnual Report
March 3, 2017DNotice of Exempt Offering of Securities
February 15, 20178-KCurrent Report
February 10, 20178-KCurrent Report
January 9, 20178-KCurrent Report


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